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Passionate about Seafood

Here at Mostell Seafood we are passionate about seafood and are committed to our vision of quality and sustainably sourced produce for the retail, wholesale and food service markets. We aim to deliver the highest quality fish and seafood every time.

We grow our business

Growth Through Quality

Mostell Seafood is one of the UK’s largest importers and distributors of premium quality frozen fish and seafood. Through attention to detail, emphasis on product quality and sourcing, along with constant innovation, we aim to continue providing the very best in frozen seafood. Our supply base is fully audited, with food safety paramount in our supply chain. Our technical controls go above and beyond current UK and European guidelines.

Sourcing from over 30 countries

Sustainable Global Sourcing

We source our fish and seafood from over 30 countries, working with a global reach yet guided by local principles. As such, we treat our suppliers as partners. We prioritise sourcing the best quality products in a sustainable way, supplying over 80 species and establishing Mostell Seafood as a one stop shop for frozen fish and seafood supply.

Sourcing Areas


Our products and the Ocean Catch

Ocean Catch

Supplying the very best in quality and sustainable fish & seafood, our premium brand, Ocean Catch, offers unparalleled choice, freshly frozen from catch to customer.
At Ocean Catch, we are dedicated to ethically sourcing sustainable fish & seafood.. Fish stock levels, fishery management and best aquaculture practices are essential to us when developing our product range. We source our products globally, to ensure we offer the finest in fresh frozen fish & seafood, whether it’s Scottish smoked salmon or warm water king prawns. We only work with fisheries who share the same passion for quality and ethically sourced produce that we do.

A full range of premium natural fillets, individually quick frozen and graded to provide excellent portion control. Our range of quality white fish fillets provide versatile options for a range of recipes. From classic cod, gourmet favourite, fillets of Sea Bass, to British favourite - haddock, our full range of white fish is responsibly sourced to provide customers quality without compromise.

We offer a variety of quality mussel, clam and scallop options; available in a range of pack sizes for your convenience. Our mussels are carefully rope grown to ensure plump, colourful and meaty flesh in the shell, perfect in a wide range of recipes. Our clam range includes clam meat and whole shell clams – perfect for paella and pasta. Our molluscs are sourced globally, with hugh standards of safety, quality and consistency from Ireland to Chile.

Our salmon is harvested in the Highlands of Scotland, processed on the day of arrival and frozen immediately. It is then trimmed into prime, centre cut salmon portions, graded for consistency and individually vacuum packed for freshness, before being delivered to our site in Central Scotland.

Our commitment to global sourcing ensures we can supply our customers with a wide range of exotic seafood products. Our Barramundi portions are a firm favourite – they are individually vacuum packed without glaze. They benefit from having their skin already scored to offer a pan ready option. Our exotic range is delivered with high levels of service, consistency and quality, delivered with passion and without compromise.

Sourced from the ice cold, clear waters of West Greenland fisheries, our prawns are simply the best available in the market. Bright pink in colour, carefully graded, to offer consistent sizes. and glazed with product protection in mind. Simply thaw and serve with a squeeze of lemon to unlock the fresh, sweet taste. Mostell Seafood were amongst the first in the UK to launch a range of MSC single, frozen Greenland prawns, a marriage of premium market leading quality and totally sustainable product.

A combination of responsibly farmed and wild caught species, make up our delicious range of warm water prawns. Mostell Seafood source from fully approved fisheries and farms in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Ecuador. Their meaty texture allows these prawns to take on flavours extremely well and add some serious weight to a dish, making them perfect for a stir-fry or curry.

At Mostell Seafood, we take quality white fish portions and prepare them in delicious crumbs and batters - so you don’t have to. From battered cod fillets to breaded haddock, the choice is yours! Our range of battered and breaded cod is MSC approved sustainable, count packed for convenience and all in our familiar Ocean Catch branding.

As one of the UK’s leading importers of squid, we offer a broad and exciting frozen range covering raw, cooked and flavoured options. At Mostell Seafood we offer unrivalled quality and consistency every time. Why not try our Lightly Dusted Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Squid? It’s a delicious, rustic product, pre-prepared for ultimate customer convenience.

Our exciting new coated shrimp and prawn range uses the same high quality prawns and shrimp from our classic frozen range - with the addition of pre-prepared delicious flavours and coatings. Ideal as a starter, part of a main dish or a summer treat on the barbeque, our range of innovative flavours gives our customers unparalleled choice and quality, whether it’s our breaded butterfly prawns or our chipotle popcorn shrimp.

Crab and lobster are firm favourites of ours at Mostell Seafood and we only include responsibly sourced, high quality crab and lobster in our range. We offer a huge variety of delicious crab and lobster options, including prime softshell crab, whole lobster and lobster meat, portioned for your convenience.

Our smoked range offers the perfect combination of quality cuts and fillets of fish, smoked to perfection to create an ideal blend of flavours. The range includes classics such as our smoked salmon and smoked mackerel, to delicious whole and boned kippers, smoked haddock and smoked trout.

Our delicious flat fish range offers a combination of responsibly farmed and wild caught products. Every product is freshly frozen, portioned and filleted for your convenience. Plaice is a delicious classic and subtle flavoured flat fish. Our plaice is all responsibly sourced to ensure healthy global fish stock.

Technical Guidelines

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fish and seafood, Mostell Seafood is committed to sourcing from sustainable and responsible fishing areas. Our supply chain is driven by an emphasis on product safety, environmental and social responsibilities and a mandate to source sustainably and responsibly. These guidelines govern our approach to the important issue of future sustainability.
Our high standards and expectations ensure we work with and support a range of organisations who are dedicated to the long term sustainability of fish stock globally. As part of Browns Food Group, we work with our own in-group cold storage, distribution and packaging branches, to ensure our customers receive the highest level of service from catch to kitchen table.

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